Cain’s second album “Stinger” was written during road trips and infrequent rests from touring. It fulfilled the two-album contract with ASI and Cain’s management was free to pursue other label opportunities.

Cain began work on a third LP in 1978. It was only half completed before, weary of unfulfilled promises and faced with the diluted market as a result of "Disco", Dave and Jiggs left to "air out". Lloyd and Kevin continued to play as Cain for an additional year until, that too folded.

Today, Dave is an anesthesiologist in Minneapolis and still pays music, Jiggs works as a commercial sound system designer in the Twin Cities, Lloyd is "somewhere in North Carolina", and Kevin is married to Melissa Manchester and living in Los Angeles.

Band Note:

A bio of Cain would not be complete without mentioning some of the people that kept the band together through their hard work and dedication: John Cutcliffe, Ward Monroe, Red White, Larry King, Dave Johansen, Michael  Dean jacobsen... We couldn't have done it without you!

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